Been Some Time

Film: Cinestill 800 Film

Camera: Konica Hexar RF

It's been some time since I have posted on the blog, almost a year actually! I'm not entirely sure why I stopped to be honest. Maybe because I felt that no one really looked at it or maybe I got lazy...or maybe both. I've now decided it doesn't matter if people read it or not though, I just miss the feeling of writing blog posts. It's almost like a diary I can read back through and remember what was happening at any point in the past few years, which is cool. 

Anyway, I finally tested out some Cinestill 800 film and it turned out really dope. The colours are so different to what I'm used to seeing with Kodak Porta 800. The colours are deeper, have more contrast and looks 'colder', which I dig. I think my next new project I might use solely this film to shoot it. 

I have also officially opened my webstore, finally. Currently I have two 35mm pin designs for pre-order available and 3 of my favourite prints available in editions of 5. I will never be printing these prints again at this size so its some super rare stuff, check it out. 

September Observations

Film: Kodak Portra 800

Camera: Zeiss Ikon ZM

Some random photos and observations from September in between working on my Footscray project. No theme... just life!


"There's much more in any given moment than we usually perceive, and that we ourselves are much more than we usually perceive. When you know that, part of you can stand outside the drama of your life." - Ram Dass