Some of you might have read my post 'Vestiges Of The Past' from earlier in the year. If you did you'd know that I have a fascination with youth culture and what it would have been like living and growing up in different eras. That post was about my family from Mauritius and Rodrigues during the 1960's, which was obviously years before I was born. I dug through the family photo archives again though and put together this series of my sister Sharon's photos from 1994, a year which I do remember.

Even though I was only 8 years old at the time, I remember the year well and have a lot of fond memories of it. Starter caps and jackets were in full force (they had to have 8 lines on the bill or it was 'fake'), basketball, 40-40, Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive was all I ever played (yep like the Biggie song) and I wanted to be the third member of Kris Kross. Anything with the Chicago White Sox logo on it is what I wore and was all about my black Cons basketball sneakers. New Jack Swing was still popular but making way for Gangsta Rap and what many consider to be the golden era of Hip-Hop. It was also, very sadly, the year that Kurt Cobain died. Those were my memories but I was just a kid.

My sister was a teenager at the time and like every teenager of their generation, took photos with her friends, family and the stuff they got up to. I always really liked these photos and the blog is an opportunity to share them with you. 

These photos are a look back into what it was like to be a teenager in South-east Melbourne in 1994. These are her memories. 



"The [35mm] camera is for life and for people, the swift and intense moments of life."

- Ansel Adams