So here it is, the day of my THIRDCULTURE website relaunch, 03/03/2013. I have been meaning to come up with a new website for a couple years now, ever since iPhones started dominating in the smart phone arena and my previous website's format became obsolete and un-viewable on an iphone. I went through countless different ideas and avenues of creating the new website, but ultimately I decided to attempt to make it all myself...which it looks like I have actually accomplished! Of course I had a lot of assistance along the way from my trusted friends, frustration, distraction and procrastination. So big thanks to those assholes for the help! Regardless though, it's here and I'm excited to share it with everyone. 

I've changed my URL as well and a lot of people will probably be wondering why and why the '.jp' at the end. Ideally I would have loved to use 'thirdculture.com' for my URL but its unfortunately being squatted on by some Japanese - English translation company. I've attempted to purchase it off them a few times but they refuse to be evicted. The best URL I thought I could come up with previously was 'third-culture.net' but the dash and the '.net' is confusing and isn't something people really remember. I would often run domain name searches to find better alternatives and one day a list came up with country specific domains and that's where I first saw 'thirdculture.jp' (.jp being Japan). I figured...yeah even though THIRDCULTURE is not based solely out of Japan, I did grow up in Japan, have family there, go back every year and my name is Jean-Paul but everyone calls me JP. The more I thought about it, the more perfect it seemed. I feel the '.jp' just makes it more personal and ultimately more memorable.

Also you may have noticed that unlike my previous photo heavy blog (www.third-culture.tumblr.com) I am actually writing alot. I decided that with my new website I'm going to make the blog more personal and somewhat of a diary, photography related of course...and maybe a little bit of music...photography related of course. Maybe no one will even read it and maybe I'll sound like I'm ranting but I will keep it updated for those of you that do want to read it, so don't be shy to leave comments and show some love/hate! I got told by a psychic a few years ago that in my past life I was a deaf American journalist and my creative outlet was writing and writing stories. She told me to start writing again and to create 'stories' and good things will begin to happen in my life. Who knows if it's true but if it was, it could explain why I feel the need to tell stories through my photos? But here it is anyway so enjoy!

Thanks so much to all the people who have supported me and my photography over the years, you guys keep me motivated and I appreciate it greatly! All the people who like my page on facebook, share posts, send me tumblr mails and just generally show me appreciation, know that I appreciate you back!