Honolulu Cruising

Film: Efiniti Super UXi 200

Camera: Fujifilm Klasse W



So I started my vacation in Hawaii and it ended up..probably being my favourite leg of the trip. Maybe it was because one day I was at work in rainy and cold Melbourne and the next I was sippin' margaritas pool-side in 30c heat.

I got put in touch with some friends of friends in Honolulu and we ended up hanging out everyday and having a blast. I love meeting genuine good people and Hawaii showed me the true island hospitality, so thank you to the homies out there!

We basically drove around the island all day listening to reggae, getting blazed, going to different beaches, eating amazing local food, back to the hotel to shower and change...then out to a club..then after party at various seedy but entertaining locations like "Saigon" strip club HAH! It was a good time...so good that I hardly took any photos.

I miss Hawaii.