The Hai

Film: Efiniti Super UXI 200 & Kodak Portra 400

Camera: Fujifilm Klasse W



After New York the next stop was Shanghai to visit some friends and was kind of a last minute addition. It turned out that I was actually most excited about visiting Shanghai because I've never been before. I lived in Hong Kong for years but only once visited China, in Shenzhen...which was only a day trip for shopping. I had always heard so much good things about Shanghai and how it was the next up and coming city. It turns out it was awesome.

It's really not what I expected but it's got it's own unique charm and interesting vibe. Looks reminds me of a mix between Hong Kong, Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh. Night time is especially beautiful in a really artificial 'Blade Runner' way...which I love. Massive skyscrapers with neon lighting jammed next to old Chinese style brick buildings...perfect. I wish I could have taken some great photos at night but would have been tough with my little film cameras. I'm definitely going to invest in some better film cameras more capable of shooting at night.

It's a city of old versus new and the scene for everything is still really young, which is pretty cool to see. It feels as though anything is possible over there because so much hasn't been done yet. Cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong...there is a shop for everything, a million restaurants, clubs and bars for every taste etc. Shanghai is like a baby in this regard and that's what makes it so awesome, everything is being done for the first time over there. Entrepreneurs take note, 'The Hai' is the next.

The food is amazing, the company was great and the city is awesome. I had a great time in Shanghai and can't wait to go back.

Also I asked my homeboy Hiro who lives over there to pick a song that 'sounds' like Shanghai, and the one above is what he chose. I would definitely agree, especially Shanghai at night. Bladerunner!