Bay Area

Film: Efiniti Super UXi 200

Camera: Fujifilm Natura Classica


The next stop was San Francisco, where most of my friends in the states live. If I had to pick a favourite city in America I would probably have to pick San Francisco. It's so similar to Melbourne in so many ways that it just feels like home. Hipsters, Hoodlums, Art, Culture, Food, Passionate about sports, Home city pride and a really 'free' life's the Melbourne of America. 

Things that were done in SF... ate A LOT of crab, visited Alcatraz (hadn't been since I was 12), went to my first Giant's baseball game, clubbed, drank, shopped, saw the sights, hung out with old homies...and ate more crab. My favourite memory from San Francisco this trip though was really just going on long drives from Daly City to San Francisco to San Jose and back, with one of my homies, taking in the sights and listening to albums. I'm usually driving in Melbourne so I'm focusing on the road a lot and don't really get to just sit and enjoy the view...take in the scenes around me and vibe to it. I listened to J Cole's album probably at least three times during these drives and Iamsu's new album too, hence why I posted the songs. 

Alcatraz was an experience and I recommend if you haven't been to definitely check it out. If you are fans of movies like 'The Rock' or 'Escape from Alcatraz' you will appreciate it. Also if you are familiar with Al Capone, it gives you a bit more insight into his last days.