Tokyo Summer

Film: Kodak Ektar 100 & Kodak Portra 400

Camera: Fujifilm Natura Classica & Fujifilm Klasse W


The last stop on the trip was, as always, Tokyo to visit the friends and fam. I was only there for a week but packed in as much as I could during the stay. The highlight was definitely the day trip I took with friends to the beach. It's crazy how just an hour outside of Tokyo's seemingly never ending metropolis is a stretch of beach town paradise. Granted the beaches don't look like the ones in Hawaii HAH but still are pretty great.

What's cool about the beaches in Tokyo is that they have a lot of little bars/restaurant 'shacks' set up along the shore which create a cool vibe. The one we went to had a DJ and both a restaurant & bar. In Australia the beaches are just straight up beaches, the most convenience you would get would be a small 'milkbar' selling ice cream and meat pies on the actual sand. So it was pretty great having a meal and a beer looking out into the ocean in Tokyo. Also the sand is actually black (first photo) which was not what I was used to, trippy.

Most of the days in the city were overcast and cloudy which don't make for nice photos, but it's still always good just being in Tokyo regardless of the weather. I've shot Tokyo so many times and didn't do anything I haven't really done before on this trip, so I naturally didn't shoot so much. I regret that now but it's all good...I'll be back soon Tokyo!