Film: Kodak Portra 160

Camera: Fujifilm Klasse W


Christmas in Australia never really feels like Christmas, partly because its summer and partly because the Christmas spirit isn't as strong down under as it is in America and more American culture influenced cities/countries. I almost forget its the Christmas season until the actual day itself when I hang out with family and open colorfully wrapped presents. December was really busy for me, mainly because my day job is in retail and Christmas is the busiest season of the year. It's a blur of annoying customers and folding clothes at work until the 25th. Then come the 26th and the Boxing Day sales/madness begins for the next few weeks/months which brings more annoying customers and even more folding clothes. 

So obviously I didn't have much time to shoot, but I had a roll of Portra 160 loaded in my Klasse W and aimed to shoot the roll with flash at night. I also wanted to take more photos of people rather than random scenes so took the camera out with me when I was out partying. Joey Bada$$ + CJ Fly and The Underachievers were in Melbourne for some shows in December, which of course I went to and got a couple grainy shots of too.

Merry Belated Christmas from Melbourne, Australia.