Tokyo Is Yours I

Film: Fujifilm Natura 1600

Camera: Fujifilm Klasse W

It's been a while since a post! I've actually been in Tokyo for the past month visiting family and friends, which was great. I went to a 3 day rave in the mountains called 'Labyrinth' which was amazing but unfortunately/fortunately had way too much fun that I took exactly ZERO photos hah! I will definitely be heading back next year and will make up for not taking any photos this year.

It was the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn so the weather was super hot some days and super overcast/rainy other days which was unpredictable. I chose to use my favourite film Fujifilm Natura 1600 (which is sold solely in Japan) as it can handle day shots as well as low light situations. I also only brought one film camera, my trusty Klasse W, so I needed a really versatile film. The only downside is that because of the speed of the film, it makes all the sunny days look really overcast and grey. I kind of don't mind it too much though as it gives the photos a but more of a grimy favourite look.  

There is no real theme to the images, just scenes and observations as usual. I tried to stray from the typical futuristic tokyo photos and capture a more local neighbourhood vibe though. I did notice a lot of 'Tokyo is Yours' graffiti this year though so decided to name it the posts after that.