'Tokyo' Album is Now Retired


As I have been moving forward photography, it's been a constant battle between digital and analogue for me, never 100% deciding on one or the other.

I have decided to shoot the majority of my personal work from now on using film and in 2015 I am aiming to purchase a new analogue film camera which will be my main 'carry everywhere' camera. I still own a digital Ricoh GR (which I love) and will most likely buy another digital camera like a Sony a7 or something similar for commercial jobs and video. But as for my personal photography, it's gonna be majority film from now on!

Part of this decision is that I prefer the look of film over digital and I feel it has a lot more 'soul', especially in colour images. Another part of the decision is that I enjoy the process of shooting more with film...as it's more slowed down, more calculated and a more 'zen' like process. It's less about shooting off 20 frames and reviewing them instantly to see if I got the shot. Especially being into street photography, I feel I learn a lot more about shooting when I slow it down and get forced to think about my shot more while shooting film.

Also as digital photography is getting more and more popular, a lot of photographers are popping up over night (especially on instagram) and a lot of their photos I personally feel like...are starting to look the same. A lot of night landscape shots of skylines, a lot of portraits with crazy bokeh and a lot of photos of sneakers and 'proddy'. It's not to say that the photos themselves aren't great and a lot of them are but I feel if I stick with digital I might head in the same direction and that's not my goal. I love photography as an art form in particular, street photography and documentary and my goal is to actively pursue those art forms going forward.

Anyway, in light of this decision I have edited my body of work significantly to 90% film work and have 'retired' a couple albums, one of which is my 'Tokyo' album. Even though I love some of the images, I feel my skill and style has matured since taking the photos in this album and they no longer fit with my current body of work.

Some of the images might pop back up again in the future in the form of prints (I always get asked to make prints of the lowrider photo) but for now they will live on this post on my blog.