Nothing Ready


Film: Fujifilm Pro 400H

Camera: Fujifilm Klasse W


February random photos.

I shot some promo photos for one my good friend's Mec's mixtape release and we wanted to find a good setting for the photos. We drove around Footscray and surrounding areas for a few hours checking out potential spots but nothing was really that great. We decided to walk down the train lines and see if we could find anything interesting when we stumbled on an abandoned house...yes! People were squatting there as it had alot of personal belongings in the house so we didn't hang around too long to wait for them to come back, but the house itself was really cool. I'll upload the actual promo photos I took in the house next post, but these are a few snaps of the house in spots I didn't use for the promo photos.

In honor of Mec's mixtape 'The Offset', I uploaded my favourite song from the mixtape titled 'Nothing Ready'. It's been on steady repeat and I usually listen to it every morning as I'm getting off the train walking to work. It's one of those inspirational type track but in a real way...none of that cheesy shit.

I only shot one roll for the whole of Feb, I'm gonna make sure March gets hit hard with the rolls! Keep a look out...