Rainy Days

Camera Used: Ricoh GR V

So in October last year I bought a Ricoh GR V, which I was really desperate to own as I am a huge GR fan. I owned both the Ricoh GR II and III and used them for so many of my favorite early photos and they still hold up so well today. I'm gonna go out and say that I believe the GR series of cameras (film and digital) was/is the best compact street camera family ever. Perfect size, amazing lens, perfect menu system (digital) and perfect usability. If I could only use one camera for the rest of my life it would definetly be one from the GR family.

As much as I love the series...it took me a long while to actually start using the latest GR once I bought it...basically until a few weeks ago! It was mainly because I have been so into using film over the past year and loving using my Fuji Klasse W. Something about going back to digital just didn't feel the same again. It didn't excite me as much. There was no suprise waiting for the film to get developed...and the colors and tones...film just can't be matched.

I figured I should really try and get to know the Ricoh GR V and give it a proper chance though, so I decided to use it in situations where my film camera didn't perform as well, such as low light/night photography. I also gave the in-camera filters (ala Instagram) a chance, as they are surprisingly pretty good. I made some presets with these filters and have been using a 'Bleach' and 'Positive Film' setting for the majority of my recent shots. What really got me using the GR again though, is that I hooked it up with a Eye-fi SD card which means I can send the photos straight from my camera to my iPhone anywhere I have phone reception. Instagram level up!

I'm already missing shooting film, I guess I just have to find a good balance between the two.