West Footscray

Film: Kodak Portra 400

Camera: Fujifilm Klasse W


3 weeks ago I moved from Keysborough in South-East Melbourne to a new apartment in West Footscray in West Melbourne. It's closer to my day job (15 minutes as opposed to 1 hour) and most of my friends live on this side of the city these days so the move made sense. I never thought I would live anywhere except South-East Melbourne or the city central as the furthest but so far I'm really enjoying living in 'the west'. More importantly though is that photo wise it's amazing. There is a lot more people and action happening where I am now as it's so close to the city, it just naturally has a larger population.

The suburb I live in, West Footscray, is pretty quiet but 10 minutes down the road in Footscray it's always full of action. I'm seeing everything for the first time with 'fresh eyes' just the way I like it.

I took a walk around the neighbourhood last week to shoot and found some interesting scenes. Expect a lot more from Footscray and the west soon...


"Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real" - Ansel Adams