Cypher Code Shoot

Film: Kodak Portra 400

Camera: Zeiss Ikon ZM


A couple of weeks ago I shot some product for my good homie Katsu's BBoy inspired clothing brand, 'Cypher Code'. I had originally planned to rent a digital camera on the day but I had forgotten that I needed 'two forms of ID' when I went to pick it the store didn't trust me to rent the camera. All good though, I had my Zeiss in my bag with a full roll of Portra 400 loaded. "Whatever, let's just shoot it all on film?" I asked Katsu.. Luckily he was cool with it, so we rolled through Footscray for an hour or two and shot about 34 frames. I edited it down to these 14.

The Cypher Code aesthetic is usually a bit more 'clean' with their product shots so this was something a bit different and I appreciate them letting me be a bit experimental. I've always wanted to do a shoot on film with total freedom and control to shoot as I like, so I really enjoyed this one. 

It was tough shooting the small logos on some tees and the black on black/white on white tees but I look at it as a learning experience. I'm shooting some more product for another brand (local) really soon too, so look out for that one.

Although shipping for Cypher Code is only available within Japan at the moment, check out the site and maybe give their social media a like or follow!