Monochrome Tones

Film: Illford HP5 Plus 400

Camera: Fujifilm Klasse W & Zeiss Ikon ZM


So I shot another 2 rolls of black and white film over the last couple of weeks, both using Illford HP5 400. One roll I actually pushed to 800 and the other to 1600 but there wasn't so much difference between the tones it turned out, but I think I like the 1600 look better. I also got to shoot with my new camera, a Zeiss Ikon ZM rangefinder, which was dope. I actually shot a colour Portra roll first but I will post those photos in the next post. These photos have no real subject or flow...just more random life observations. 

It was definitely a challenge once again to 'see' in black and white and I struggled to see anything but colour every time I was out shooting. I was looking for tones and shadows most of the time and found some but...overall it was really hard. I do really like black and white but I think I am still looking for the perfect subject matter for it..which I have yet to find. Maybe going back to the style I shot with 'South-East Youth' might be the best. I might go back to that at some point but at the moment I'm really enjoying colour so will stick with it. I have one roll left to shoot of black and white, so I will see how I do with it.

I definitely felt that 'darkness' again while shooting the black and white, which was perfect because I've been feeling a lot more down that usual. It felt good channelling it to my photography... There is no doubt that photography is my form of meditation and it helps me deal with things going on in my life.. Helps me to step outside myself and see the world in a different mind. Helps me feel that love and curiosity with the world again like I did when I was kid... The world is a beautiful but fucked up place and it helps me appreciate all of it equally.

Look out for the colour coming back soon..



"I go through periods of doubt and confusion - I assume we all do. The best solution for me - and I think this reflects the type of photographer I am - is to get out in the streets and take photographs."

- Alex Webb