Ruler Wurc Shoot

Film: Kodak Portra 400

Camera: Zeiss Ikon ZM

I recently shot some photos for one of my good homie's brands, 'Ruler Wurc'. Ruler Wurc produces lifestyle clothing in limited runs driving inspiration from old Melbourne, photography, art, music and as they put it well, 'the working class'. It's a really down to earth, humble brand that I've been following for a few years and it was really cool to be able to shoot some product for their 'In Your Area' collection. I decided since the brand's origins were from the suburb of St Albans in Melbourne, that is where I would shoot it.

St Albans is a suburb in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne that has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years and despite being labelled the 'homicide capital of the state', it's actually a really cool area that I like a lot. A lot of friends of mine live and grew up around the area so I got so used to it that it's one of those 'comfortable' areas now. Similar to Footscray where I live, it's super multicultural with over half of the rough 35,000 person population being born overseas. You will literally hear at least 5 different languages being spoken with in just 5 minutes of hanging out on any main street. St Albans always has killer restaurants too.

Anyway, I was happy enough with the results of the shoot but I had actually planned to shoot a second roll and more clothes but my camera battery died on the day and I didn't realise. I thought that the film got jammed and after a few frustrated attempts to figure it out, I took the whole roll out and exposed it, abandoning the second roll altogether. Big mistake that was because I missed so many good photo opportunities after that...It's all good though, lesson learnt. I'm still getting used to my Zeiss and now I know how the camera reacts when the battery is out. Next time I'll be more aware!

Big thanks to Milan and Jarman for modelling the product in the shoot too, real good people. 


Check out more of Ruler Wurc and support them through their online store at..