SF 2015

Film: Kodak Portra 400

Camera: Zeiss Ikon ZM

If you follow my Instagram you would have seen that I was in the states recently for a good friend's wedding in San Francisco. I was in the states for 3 weeks total, 2 weeks in Hawaii and 1 in San Francisco. The wedding was actually in a town a few hours out of SF called Carmel but I was in holiday mode and literally took no photos while I was there! I actually hardly took photos in SF as well but here are a few that I did take. I shot a bunch of solid photos in Hawaii so look out for those soon.

One note though! The photo of the car that has 'Nasty Bitch' graffitied on the side, on the other side it said 'Kill You Next Hoe' but I wasn't quick enough to capture it haha pretty funny scene. 


"The element of discovery is very important. I don't repeat myself well. I want and need that stimulus of walking forward from one new world to another." - Margaret Bourke-White